How We Work?

Initial consultation

We meet with parents/ guardians (and often your child depending on their age) at this initial appointment to understand what you are looking for from our service, to discuss therapy options and to make a plan moving forward together.


Interact Speech Pathology prides itself on being an evidence based practice. Assessment occurs over one- two sessions (sometimes more if your child’s communication needs are more complex) to develop where your child’s current communication skills fall and what the next steps are for appropriate intervention.

  • Speech sound assessments
  • Language Developmental assessments- Comprehension and Expressive Language
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments
  • Social Language assessments
  • Fluency assessments
  • Literacy assessments
  • Orofacial myology assessments


We will then discuss with you what therapy plan we would recommend to help your child meet their communication goals. Therapy frequency will be completely determined in consultation with you and in line with your child’s needs.

We have a strong preference for parents to attend sessions so we can involve you as much as possible in the session. Session notes and a home practice program will be provided to you at the end of each session. The more fun and often you can complete home practice tasks, the better!

What type of therapy intervention to we offer?

Improving comprehension/ understanding of language to support following instructions at home and in the classroom.

  • Development of spoken language (how children put their sentences and stories together orally in a grammatically correct way)
  • Developing Pragmatic language (social language) skills so that your child can play, interact and have conversations in a socially appropriate way
  • Using Social Thinking® resources and programs
  • Developing visual strategies and cues to help your child communicate

Development of literacy skills

  • DIR® Floortime
  • Early Start Denver Model (coming soon)
  • Speech sound development- Articulation
  • Fluency development (stuttering therapy) using the Lidcombe program